Wednesday, December 10, 2008

incredible WalGreens sale!

Spend $25 get back $5 in Register Rewards!
What's great about this sale is that it is BEFORE coupons ! WOW!
(well, at least it was last week, i am assuming it is the same)

Here is the ad, thanks to the link from

and a sweet scenario, thanks to the same....

Arm & Hammer Liquid Detergent--$1.99 after in ad-coupon (Reg. Price $6.99-$7.49) Use $1/1 internet printable here $0.99 each after coupon
*Deal Idea* Buy 4 Arm & Hammer Liquid Detergent = $27.96 Use 4 $1/1 coupons Then give in-ad coupon (should take off $20) Spend $3.96 plus tax out of pocket, Get $5 in Register Rewards back!

I am sooo doing this!

There is also a deal on Pepsi, entertainment books, toys, tape.

Tape is buy 2 for $2 and get a $2 rebate through the WalGreens rebate catalog (if you havent done this, i highly recommend it. You get a 10% extra rebate for doing it online. So for the tape you spend $2 but you get back a rebate of $2.20!)

kellogg's cereal is $1.99 and there is a $1 printable at

There are other scenarios and deals at

Sorry i dont have time to share them, but in case you hadnt heard, i wanted to share this!

Let me know if you go and what you get. I love to hear everyone's deals!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Great deals at Meijer !!!

Meijer has a deal on hanes and levis and kelloggs right now. I made a trip there yesterday just for the Hanes and Kellogg's and discovered the Levi's!

I did them all yesterday.
Here's the deal:

buy 3 hanes items get $10 off instantly.
I bought 3 packs of boys socks for 3.99 each = 11.97 - $10 = $1.97 for 3 pks of socks!!!

1 per order, so i did a 2nd transaction and got mens tshirts 9.99, boys tshirts 7.49 and boys underwear 6.49. Not as good but came to $14 after the deal. DH and DS1 needed tshirts so i bought the underwear to get the $10 off. Would've been $17.50 for just the 2 packs of tshirts!!

I also had 2 50c coupons (doubled) from previous pkgs so that helped by $2!! made the socks free!

It takes off $3.34 per item so if you find an item under $3.34 (i dont think there are any right now, but just in case) you wont get the full $10. That happened to me at back to school time cuz socks were on sale for $2.99.

Levi's deal - buy 2 pair get a $10 off coupon for next time. ( I used it on my 2nd transaction)

Boys levi's are on sale for $12.99! ( but not all sizes were ringing up correctly so make sure you check with someone in that dept to help you out. Miriam at the Tylersville store helped me! )
So 2 pair for $12.99 each - i bought one pair for the name we drew at church and 1 for my son for later.
comes out to be $16 for 2 pair of jeans after i used the $10 towards groceries!!

I didnt check on women's. Men's were $15.99 i think.

buy 4 kelloggs special k or frosted miniwheats original 4/$10and get a free gal of milk. use one of the numerous $1 kelloggs coupons that are out (printables and inserts) and pay $6 for 4 boxes of cereal and a gal of milk.
$1 off any kelloggs. or here

I read that someone was able to print 14!!! dont forget to hit the back button to get more than 1!

There's also an IP for $1 off produce when you buy 2 special k or i got almost 3lbs of bananas free! they are on sale for 38c/lb! sure beats 48c at kroger!

Pop tarts are on sale for 3/$4 = $1.33 each. I had a 55c off from a recent insert - meijer doubles so i got a box of poptarts for 33c!!!
I also got back a $1 catalina so I will get these again!

kraft mac and cheese are buy3 get 3 ( I think)

daisy sour cream 8 oz is $1.18. There was a recent 50c doubled makes 18c for sourcream!

kashi and kelloggs waffles are 4/$10
i had a $2/1 kashi coupon from a recent store demo that was going on - there are printables for the cereal bars but sorry, i dont know of any other coupons for these.
Still, if you need them it is a good sale. DH will only eat kelloggs waffles.

juicy juice is on sale for $2.39 which a better price than most places, i think it is 2.74 at my kroger
there are $1 off on the juicy juice site You can print two hitting your back button

McCains frozen items are $2.59 each ( kroger is $3.19!!!) plus 50c off if you buy two.
MY kids like the smiley face fries and the sweet potato fries. so i got both for $4.59. No coupons boo hoo! but i only get these when they are on sale or i have a coupon so this is a treat. DS1 just asked me the other day if we could have cheeseburgers and orange fries for dinner on friday LOL

Kraft IWS Amer cheese is on sale for $2.89 for the 24 pk ( reg $4.69 eek! that's crazy!) Use the 50c off 1 from a recent insert and get them for $1.89!

lifesavers bags are on sale for 99c. I had a $1 coupon i have been hanging onto forever from an insert (august probably) so i got a free bag of wildberry gummies. mmmm a free treat for me! LOL

hope this post has helped someone!


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

save $3 on disney movies!

Just got this in my email last night.

you might need to register here:

just in time to get my nephew Prince Caspian for Christmas!!!
I saw it today at Target for $15.99

dont forget to hit your back button to print more - i was able to print 3 and stopped cuz i dont think i will use more...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Super double coupons at Kmart this week! select areas

Check and put in your zip code to view your local ad.

Looks like most stores in SW OH are participating including Middletown, Springboro and Fairfield.

This means that coupons up to $2 are DOUBLED! That's right DOUBLED! woo hoo!

Anything over $2 and under $4 will be $4. ( a $3 coupon would become $4, etc)

Bargain Briana has some matchups with coupons here
and a list of rules.
For example, they dont take internet coupons.

Last time i went to this I got $139 in products for $37!

good luck.
and let me know if you go and what you got!
I will probably go tomorrow.