Friday, December 5, 2008

Great deals at Meijer !!!

Meijer has a deal on hanes and levis and kelloggs right now. I made a trip there yesterday just for the Hanes and Kellogg's and discovered the Levi's!

I did them all yesterday.
Here's the deal:

buy 3 hanes items get $10 off instantly.
I bought 3 packs of boys socks for 3.99 each = 11.97 - $10 = $1.97 for 3 pks of socks!!!

1 per order, so i did a 2nd transaction and got mens tshirts 9.99, boys tshirts 7.49 and boys underwear 6.49. Not as good but came to $14 after the deal. DH and DS1 needed tshirts so i bought the underwear to get the $10 off. Would've been $17.50 for just the 2 packs of tshirts!!

I also had 2 50c coupons (doubled) from previous pkgs so that helped by $2!! made the socks free!

It takes off $3.34 per item so if you find an item under $3.34 (i dont think there are any right now, but just in case) you wont get the full $10. That happened to me at back to school time cuz socks were on sale for $2.99.

Levi's deal - buy 2 pair get a $10 off coupon for next time. ( I used it on my 2nd transaction)

Boys levi's are on sale for $12.99! ( but not all sizes were ringing up correctly so make sure you check with someone in that dept to help you out. Miriam at the Tylersville store helped me! )
So 2 pair for $12.99 each - i bought one pair for the name we drew at church and 1 for my son for later.
comes out to be $16 for 2 pair of jeans after i used the $10 towards groceries!!

I didnt check on women's. Men's were $15.99 i think.

buy 4 kelloggs special k or frosted miniwheats original 4/$10and get a free gal of milk. use one of the numerous $1 kelloggs coupons that are out (printables and inserts) and pay $6 for 4 boxes of cereal and a gal of milk.
$1 off any kelloggs. or here

I read that someone was able to print 14!!! dont forget to hit the back button to get more than 1!

There's also an IP for $1 off produce when you buy 2 special k or i got almost 3lbs of bananas free! they are on sale for 38c/lb! sure beats 48c at kroger!

Pop tarts are on sale for 3/$4 = $1.33 each. I had a 55c off from a recent insert - meijer doubles so i got a box of poptarts for 33c!!!
I also got back a $1 catalina so I will get these again!

kraft mac and cheese are buy3 get 3 ( I think)

daisy sour cream 8 oz is $1.18. There was a recent 50c doubled makes 18c for sourcream!

kashi and kelloggs waffles are 4/$10
i had a $2/1 kashi coupon from a recent store demo that was going on - there are printables for the cereal bars but sorry, i dont know of any other coupons for these.
Still, if you need them it is a good sale. DH will only eat kelloggs waffles.

juicy juice is on sale for $2.39 which a better price than most places, i think it is 2.74 at my kroger
there are $1 off on the juicy juice site You can print two hitting your back button

McCains frozen items are $2.59 each ( kroger is $3.19!!!) plus 50c off if you buy two.
MY kids like the smiley face fries and the sweet potato fries. so i got both for $4.59. No coupons boo hoo! but i only get these when they are on sale or i have a coupon so this is a treat. DS1 just asked me the other day if we could have cheeseburgers and orange fries for dinner on friday LOL

Kraft IWS Amer cheese is on sale for $2.89 for the 24 pk ( reg $4.69 eek! that's crazy!) Use the 50c off 1 from a recent insert and get them for $1.89!

lifesavers bags are on sale for 99c. I had a $1 coupon i have been hanging onto forever from an insert (august probably) so i got a free bag of wildberry gummies. mmmm a free treat for me! LOL

hope this post has helped someone!


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