Wednesday, December 10, 2008

incredible WalGreens sale!

Spend $25 get back $5 in Register Rewards!
What's great about this sale is that it is BEFORE coupons ! WOW!
(well, at least it was last week, i am assuming it is the same)

Here is the ad, thanks to the link from

and a sweet scenario, thanks to the same....

Arm & Hammer Liquid Detergent--$1.99 after in ad-coupon (Reg. Price $6.99-$7.49) Use $1/1 internet printable here $0.99 each after coupon
*Deal Idea* Buy 4 Arm & Hammer Liquid Detergent = $27.96 Use 4 $1/1 coupons Then give in-ad coupon (should take off $20) Spend $3.96 plus tax out of pocket, Get $5 in Register Rewards back!

I am sooo doing this!

There is also a deal on Pepsi, entertainment books, toys, tape.

Tape is buy 2 for $2 and get a $2 rebate through the WalGreens rebate catalog (if you havent done this, i highly recommend it. You get a 10% extra rebate for doing it online. So for the tape you spend $2 but you get back a rebate of $2.20!)

kellogg's cereal is $1.99 and there is a $1 printable at

There are other scenarios and deals at

Sorry i dont have time to share them, but in case you hadnt heard, i wanted to share this!

Let me know if you go and what you get. I love to hear everyone's deals!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Great deals at Meijer !!!

Meijer has a deal on hanes and levis and kelloggs right now. I made a trip there yesterday just for the Hanes and Kellogg's and discovered the Levi's!

I did them all yesterday.
Here's the deal:

buy 3 hanes items get $10 off instantly.
I bought 3 packs of boys socks for 3.99 each = 11.97 - $10 = $1.97 for 3 pks of socks!!!

1 per order, so i did a 2nd transaction and got mens tshirts 9.99, boys tshirts 7.49 and boys underwear 6.49. Not as good but came to $14 after the deal. DH and DS1 needed tshirts so i bought the underwear to get the $10 off. Would've been $17.50 for just the 2 packs of tshirts!!

I also had 2 50c coupons (doubled) from previous pkgs so that helped by $2!! made the socks free!

It takes off $3.34 per item so if you find an item under $3.34 (i dont think there are any right now, but just in case) you wont get the full $10. That happened to me at back to school time cuz socks were on sale for $2.99.

Levi's deal - buy 2 pair get a $10 off coupon for next time. ( I used it on my 2nd transaction)

Boys levi's are on sale for $12.99! ( but not all sizes were ringing up correctly so make sure you check with someone in that dept to help you out. Miriam at the Tylersville store helped me! )
So 2 pair for $12.99 each - i bought one pair for the name we drew at church and 1 for my son for later.
comes out to be $16 for 2 pair of jeans after i used the $10 towards groceries!!

I didnt check on women's. Men's were $15.99 i think.

buy 4 kelloggs special k or frosted miniwheats original 4/$10and get a free gal of milk. use one of the numerous $1 kelloggs coupons that are out (printables and inserts) and pay $6 for 4 boxes of cereal and a gal of milk.
$1 off any kelloggs. or here

I read that someone was able to print 14!!! dont forget to hit the back button to get more than 1!

There's also an IP for $1 off produce when you buy 2 special k or i got almost 3lbs of bananas free! they are on sale for 38c/lb! sure beats 48c at kroger!

Pop tarts are on sale for 3/$4 = $1.33 each. I had a 55c off from a recent insert - meijer doubles so i got a box of poptarts for 33c!!!
I also got back a $1 catalina so I will get these again!

kraft mac and cheese are buy3 get 3 ( I think)

daisy sour cream 8 oz is $1.18. There was a recent 50c doubled makes 18c for sourcream!

kashi and kelloggs waffles are 4/$10
i had a $2/1 kashi coupon from a recent store demo that was going on - there are printables for the cereal bars but sorry, i dont know of any other coupons for these.
Still, if you need them it is a good sale. DH will only eat kelloggs waffles.

juicy juice is on sale for $2.39 which a better price than most places, i think it is 2.74 at my kroger
there are $1 off on the juicy juice site You can print two hitting your back button

McCains frozen items are $2.59 each ( kroger is $3.19!!!) plus 50c off if you buy two.
MY kids like the smiley face fries and the sweet potato fries. so i got both for $4.59. No coupons boo hoo! but i only get these when they are on sale or i have a coupon so this is a treat. DS1 just asked me the other day if we could have cheeseburgers and orange fries for dinner on friday LOL

Kraft IWS Amer cheese is on sale for $2.89 for the 24 pk ( reg $4.69 eek! that's crazy!) Use the 50c off 1 from a recent insert and get them for $1.89!

lifesavers bags are on sale for 99c. I had a $1 coupon i have been hanging onto forever from an insert (august probably) so i got a free bag of wildberry gummies. mmmm a free treat for me! LOL

hope this post has helped someone!


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

save $3 on disney movies!

Just got this in my email last night.

you might need to register here:

just in time to get my nephew Prince Caspian for Christmas!!!
I saw it today at Target for $15.99

dont forget to hit your back button to print more - i was able to print 3 and stopped cuz i dont think i will use more...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Super double coupons at Kmart this week! select areas

Check and put in your zip code to view your local ad.

Looks like most stores in SW OH are participating including Middletown, Springboro and Fairfield.

This means that coupons up to $2 are DOUBLED! That's right DOUBLED! woo hoo!

Anything over $2 and under $4 will be $4. ( a $3 coupon would become $4, etc)

Bargain Briana has some matchups with coupons here
and a list of rules.
For example, they dont take internet coupons.

Last time i went to this I got $139 in products for $37!

good luck.
and let me know if you go and what you got!
I will probably go tomorrow.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just got the Big Lots ad for Thanksgiving

It may be old news to the Thanksgiving sale stalkers LOL but I got this in my email today:

Big Lots sale Thurs, Fri, Sat
Open 7am-8pm Thanksgiving day

The only thing I am excited about is the vacuum

$35 for a "factory reconditioned" Eureka altima
My vacuum is a piece of junk - i just hot glued it back together last week! Am I a cheapskate or what?

Electronic 20Q games for only $5

DVD / VCR combos for $35

A few other items, but shop before 11am and spend $50+ and get a $10 certificate for your next trip. It doesnt say what the minimum purchase is on the next trip in the fine print, so I am guessing there may not be a minimum. I hope! Valid Nov 30- Dec 13.

Happy Saving!

Which charity?

SO I have been CVS'ing, etc all year. I started in January.

I have accumulated so much STUFF. It takes up one filing cabinet, 2 crates and 3 shelves of a large bookcase in my office and a medium sized rubbermaid container and the floor in a closet. And that doesnt even include food, candy, and laundry stuff! :o

Anyway, I really want to make a difference with all of this stuff I have a surplus of. ( Bad grammar, i know) I jokingly call myself the CVS missionary LOL

I donated a huge amount to a mission trip back in the summer and i have nearly replenished that stock!

So, who needs it the most? Where will I make the most difference?
Which will convey charity to my children the best?

the Operation Christmas child shoeboxes?

the local freestore/food bank?

church missions?

Some to each one?

Somewhere else?

I dont want to put off deciding and then it is Dec 24th and i am too late. ugh!

I have been collecting the Johnson and Johnson buddy bars with the Kroger deal ( i am up to 52!) and kids toothbrushes to give to my son's preschool. They have the neatest thing called the backpack program where families ( who want to be included) who need a little extra help are sent home items in their child's backpack over the weekend. Items like granola bars, juice boxes, fruit cups, toiletries, etc. The backpack thing is very discreet and the distributor puts the items in his/her backpack when the kids are outside or at the library or whatever. Isnt that awesome?! It just warms my heart! In our school district, i never would have guessed that there were truly needy families. Just goes to show that you never know what your neighbor needs. ( i dont mean that to sound snobby, it isnt. We live in the scummy section of town LOL)

I know I really need to pray about this, but I really am a terrible decision maker. I believe that I have such little confdidence in my own decisions that God has to use other people to speak to me LOL

Anyway, anyone have any suggestions? What do you plan to do to help the less fortunate this holiday season?

thanks for the ideas!


Great way to earn giftcards & print more coupons!

Have you heard of MyPoints?

I have been a member of MyPoints for YEARS!

If you dont know about it, please send me a message and I would LOVE to send you a referral link. :) ( I can earn points that way, but after all, I am referring you, right?)

Anyway, it is a cool way to earn free stuff just for reading emails and clicking through, answering surveys or shopping through their site. This one is totally legit and it is so easy. I dont get into giving away all of my personal information to get free stuff. This place has been around for a very long time and I have never had a problem with it.

I used to be very religious about clicking on the emails they send me and I would regularly earn enough points for $10 giftcards to Red Lobster, gas stations, etc... but lately i have really slacked off on responding to the emails because my "junk" email is so inundated with junk email! LOL

Well, I realized that over the year, since i havent redeemed any points, i have enough for a $10 gift card to lots of places, or I can get on the ball with clicking on their emails and probably earn a $25 before Christmas.

I was browsing through their list of merchants where I can redeem my points and on that list are....
CVS and Walgreens!
Target and WalMart are also on there, but i already knew that cuz I used to get them regularly.

They also have printable coupons like and and you get points when you redeem those coupons.

Anyway, I am just so excited to have ANOTHER way (besides filling Rx) to get more free gift cards to get more free stuff at CVS and Walgreens!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More online coupon and sample sites

wwwwwwWhile browsing today I came across these...
thanks to ,

I think I have used them occasionally but not commitedly ( is that a word?)

Anyway, I wanted to share and document so I remember them too! I think Ihave signed up to receive an email from most of them too, which is a nice reminder to print them when new coupons are added and updated. :) currently giving away a recipe booklet with $10 in coupons or printable coupons at the top right corner specifically
sometimes offers samples and printables or coupons mailed to you right now they have tide samples and coupons and pantene samples

edited to say I found this one in my email today!
It is from general mills. Somehow the same as betty crocker but some different coupons maybe.

Online coupons and new juicy juice coupon!

I have some favorite places I like to get online coupons like ( please let me send you a referral so I get credit for it, thanks! )
You can usually print each one twice at each site by going through and picking the ones you want again.
Some overlap and sometimes the limits overlap. I havent figured it out!

Then there are coupons for specific items that are often at the company's website.
I register at many of these so I get emails and newsletters and such from them that often include coupons. ( I use a separate junk email for this purpose.)

Yesterday I got an email from juicy juice and they have a new printable that is $1 off of 1!! WOO HOO!!!
So go here: and register and click on special offers ( I think).
Hit back to print 2.
If you have trouble let me know!

Then there are places you can load e-coupons onto your Kroger (and other stores) card like: p&g coupons last week I got free Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner through this! this is relatively new and I havent used it yet.

I think you can only load 25 to your card at a time so be selective!

hope this helps you save some money and ....never pay full price! :D

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What do you mean "What sale at Kroger?" ?!?!? JUST GO!

Warning: this post will have lots of !!!!!!

If you have a nearby Kroger and regularly shop there, I truly hope you realize that they are having a MEGA sale. ( I think they call it a "Mega Event".)
Regardless of what it is called, I think I have died and gone to coupon shopping heaven. LOL

I have been to Kroger 3 times in 4 days and have done 6 transactions!

If you dont know what this mega, super, awesome, unbelievable, incredible sale is, essentially it is this:
buy 10 items from a select group of many, many items and receive $5 off your total. That boils down to 50c off each item.
You can do 30 items per transaction! ( why i had to do multiple transactions)

There are lots of lists of everything that is on sale at and many other blogging sites. If anyone wants a full list, I will share it with you. I just want to share what I got and how much I spent.

My husband asked me last night "What is it with you and coupons lately?" haha! I told him it is my quest to get the best deals possible and never pay full price! Hence the name of my blog.
( I have a conspiracy theory about retail prices and couponing, etc, but that's not for this post.)

So's what I got last night and today ( saturday's receipt is gone, if i find it i will add it in) ...
item, sale price, coupon and final price

  • 4 boxes of hefty storage bags ( gallon and/or quart) $1.50, $1.00 after mega sale - 55c coupon doubled up to $1 These also had 20c off peelie coupons on them that I will save for later
  • 6 yesterday and 3 today Johnson and johnson buddy soap bars 99c - $3/3 coupon = 3c overage applied to tax ( these also spit out a coupon for another $3/3. I have done this many, many times. I now have 49 bars of this soap to donate to a drive at J's school!!! yay! )
  • 1 box of hamburger helper $1.60 - free coupon on box of betty crocker potatoes ( buy 3 get 1 HH free)
  • 10 cans carnation evaporated milk $1 on sale =50c after mega event. I had 5 coupons. some were 50c off 2 from a newspaper insert which doubled = $1 and then there are printables for $1 off 2 here: hit your back button and you can print 2 per computer
  • 7 (yes 7) tylenol rapid release gel caps 24 pk $2.50= $2 after sale less $2 coupons from a recent newspaper
  • 13 3L bottles of ice mountain bottled water $1 = 50c after sale - $1 off 2 coupons from a recent paper. I had to pay 50c for the 13th one. I accidentally got 5 last night but I needed one more item to make it an even 10 anyway so 50c is a worthwhile investment to save $5! What am i going to do with so much water?!?!?
  • 1 bottle of fruit punch powerade $1 = 50 c after the sale - 75c off coupon doubled to $1 so I got 50c overage on it! Thanks to a coupon angel for leaving that coupon on the store shelf!
  • 2 boxes of swiss miss hot chocolate pkts = $1= 50c after sale. I had a coupon for $1 off 2 PLUS I had 50c off 2 loaded to my Kroger card from (go there! Load some coupons! LMK if you dont know what it is!) so 50c overage!
  • 4 colgate regular toothpaste ( i got a couple on Sat. too) = $1.50= $1 after sale - coupons for 75c off 1 doubled to $1 more free toothpaste
  • 3 pks kiwi shoes laces= 99c (not part of mega event) - $1/1 coupons
  • 1 12 ct box of alka seltzer (i got a couple on saturday too) = $1.50= $1 after sale - $1 off coupon printable here: ( remember print 2)
  • 1 box quaker quick oats = $1.50= $1 - 50c coupon doubled. This was from the 10/05 paper I think and we forgot to buy more than the 1 we get delivered. BOO HOO! (haha!)

So all of that was FREE after coupons, (just tax) plus some overage for some coupons and the ones that were loaded to my Kroger card.

I also got these items as part of the sale:

  • 1 boxes of Orville Redenbacher natural microwave popcorn $2= $1.50 after sale - 1 coupon for 75c doubled to $1 = 50 c
  • 2 Orv. Red. mic. popcorn$2= $1.50 - 40c coupons doubeld to 80c = 70c each
  • 2 4pks Activia strawberry yogurt= $2= $1.50- $1 coupon = 50c
  • Pillsbury Toaster Streudal $2=$1.50- $1 coupons that were printable (but gone) = 50c each
  • 3 Johnson and Johnson baby powders $3= $2.50 - $1 coupons = $1.50 each plus it spit out another $3/3 J&J products coupon :)
  • Welch's grape juice= $3= $2.50 - $1 = $1.50 WOW!
  • Nestle chocolate morsels $2.50= $2 - $1.50/1 coupon. (It was a printable that seems to no longer be available. sorry) There were 75c off/3 coupons in the blinkie machine though!
  • 3 pks betty crocker instant buttery mashed potatoes = $1.50 = $1 - 40c/1 coupons here doubled = 20c each! ( plus there was that hamburger helper coupon on them) (I bought a whole bunch of these on saturday- au gratin, julienne, mashed sweet pot. scalloped, etc. 20c for side dishes is a steal! PLUS they are a good item to donate that has a long shelf life)ALSO there was a coupon!
  • 6 LG cans of Hunt's diced tomatoes and crushed tomatoes = $1.50= $1 less 3 coupons for 40c off 2, doubled means 40c off each. 60c for these giant cans! (got several on saturday too)
  • kroger sugar free syrup ( for DH) = $1.50= $1 after sale - no coupon ( gasp!)
  • 2 5lb bags of Domino sugar = $2.50= $2 - 50c coupon doubled = $1 for sugar! I am inspired to do holiday making now! haha! ( combine it with all that evap milk and make something yummy!)
  • 5 Viva paper towels $2= $1.50 - 50c doublesd to $1 = 50c for paper towels!
  • 2 viva towels = $2= $1.50 - $1/2 catalina coupon (the ones that come out at the register)= $1 each.
  • 3 dial hand soap ( 50% free!) = $1.50= $1 - 30c coupon doubled. = 40c!!!
  • 4 pk cottonelle = 99c (not part of sale) - 25c manu doubled = 50c each
  • Land o lakes spreadable butter w/canola oil ( we love this stuff!) $2.50= $2- several coupons for 55c (doubled) or $1/1 I think I got 8! ( this was on Sat.)
  • M&M's ice cream sandwiches = $2.50= $2- $1 coupon I had from a previous box = $1
  • Dove Ice cream Bars _ same as M&M deal
  • 2 Bags of 40 count Totino's pizza rolls ( I LOVE THESE!!) $3= $2.50 - 40c coupon for one ansd 50c on another = $1.50 and $1.70 - less than the price of the small boxes!
  • Betty Crocker cookie mixes= $1.99= $1.49 less coupons, i had some 75c ( doubled to $1) and some others I cant remember ( saturday's ctrip) so I paid 49c each for most. I prefer homemade cookies of course ;) but these are nice to have on hand for a quickie dessert or something quick to take when you are going somewhere or for school, etc....
  • 1 12 oz bag of organic frozen strawberries = free with coupon from kroger mailer
  • 1 sm can of kroger coffee- free with coupon from kroger mailer
  • 8 scotch brite nail saver sponges I THOUGHT these were $1.50 so $1 after the sale and I had a whole bunch of $1 off printable coupons here: and 50c/1 from the paper. They rang up at $1.99 and when I went back today the sign was changed. GGGRRRR I think they realized why they were flying off the shelf. So I paid 49c each I guess. {sigh} I wouldnt have gotten them if I thought they were free cuz that added $4 to my total and i didnt really need them.

I also got

  • 10 lbs potatoes $3.98
  • 1 pillsbury crescent rolls on sale for $1.66- shortcuts coupon 50c - printable coupon for $1 = 16c
  • 2 cans of green beans 50c each
  • 2 boxes of Arm and Hammer baking soda 59c each - $1/2 coupon found at 9c each!
  • 1 bottle of Juicy Juice ( the first time i went they were out of the welch's) $2.74 (?) - $1 = $1.74 new coupon foudn here: you'll need to register
  • bananas 48c lb (ouch) = $1.08
  • 2 cans kidney beans 67c each( werent these just 47c 6 mths ago?!)
  • 1/2 gal milk on sale for $1.25
  • Kroger shredded cheddar, pizza and colby cheese on sale 3/$5 - 45c coupon
  • hot dogs buns - clearance priced at 99c for a 16 ct pkg!
  • 6 ct pkg whole wheat english muffins clearanced to 69c (yummy breakfast sandwiches!)
  • V8 ( dh's favorite) $2.50
  • kraft sliced american cheese $2.50 - 50c from sunday's paper = $1.50
  • 2 or 3 lb bag of onions = $2.99
  • 3 apples at 99c/lb
  • 2 land o frost lunchmeat pkgs ( ham and turkey) b1g1 at $4.99 each
  • tyson boneless skinless tenderloins B1G1 I think they were 6.99?? ( again, from saturday)

Whew! I think that is it! Sorry I dont have Saturday's receipt, I added in what I could remember! I also got soy milk for J ($7), bread, bunsx2,3 1/2 lbs ground chuck, 1 lb ground turkey & I forget what else. But between all 3 shopping trips I thinik I got all of that stuff for around $100!! ( I need to double check my total with the check book.)

Yesterday and today I saved $123.50 with coupons! ( no sure about Saturday but I think it was an addl $80)

Can you believe it?!

If you got through all of that, then you are invited to come over for some bottled water, instant potatoes made with Evap milk and Land O Lakes butter and some betty crocker cookies! ROFL!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I have been tagged!

I've been tagged! I feel so special- i am a new blogger and this makes me feel pretty welcome!

I've never done this before so hopefully I get this right!

I have to first acknowledge who tagged me. :
Jamie at

Here's the official rules:

1. Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog. (I hope i linked right by typing the address up there)

2. Share seven facts about yourself.

3. Tag seven people, listing the links to their blogs.

4. Let the seven people know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Ok, so #2 seven facts about me:

1. I have lived in the same county for almost all of my life ( when I was 4-7 I lived in the next county over and I went to college in KY).

2. I have known my husband since we were about 12 yrs old in the church youth group. Then he dumped my step-cousin for me in 1996! OOPS!
We celebrated our 10th anniversary this month!

3. I used to say that when I grew up I wanted to be a school counselor and a French teacher ( I had a high school teacher who was my inspiration - thank you Mrs. Mills!) and the first female race car driver on the side, but I dont even like NASCAR! ( darn that Danica Patrick beat me!)
I didnt even get close to any of that!

4. Along those lines... I took French classes from 6th grade through college. I used to be REALLY good, but since i have been out of school for a LONG time I havent used it much. I can read it very,very well.
To listen to it, i have a hard time since I am out of practice. ( Ratatouille embarrassed me!) I'd be too embarrassed to speak it in public too, but i have done it in the past.

I did try to teach a basic intro to French to 7 PAYING families when I taught at KinderCare a LONG time ago.
I think I am going to take a spanish class at the local career center so I can talk to some of the ESL families at J's school.

5. I was in a sorority in college! Phi Mu ( myoo not moo) Those of you who know me now but not then are probably surprised by that... well maybe not... but you do know i am the least stereotypical sorority girl ever! I didnt go through rush, I was given an open bid - which is an invitation to join. It was fun and I was glad to have a place to "belong." I was terribly lonely in college my sophomore year and was on a very small campus that didnt have much else going on, so it was helpful. It was too expensive for my budget but worthwhile at the time. I still read the news of what is going on, but i have never joined an alumni ( alumnae??) group. And mty favorite color was pink even before then, but it certainly fit right in!

6. I have always been a coupon clipper/deal seeker, but have only gotten really serious in the past year. My husband and I even have a silly song about it ( i am such a coupon nerd!)

My neighbor growing up was (is) my inspiration. She was featured in the newspaper for getting 2 or 3 CARTS of groceries for like $20 or something insane. Her daughter was my friend and she used to get us all kinds of free fun things through mail in offers. My mom would save box lids and upc's for her ( that was before you had to mail in the receipt). The best thing she ever got us was a huge cardboard playhouse AND a rocket ship. We had to bend over to get into it cuz we were probably about 10 or so, but a 5 yr old probably could've walked into it. It was so awesome! ha!

She still sends me coupons in the mail. :D

hmmm...what else.

7. I AM a complete and total nerd and have always been.
But I can be a ditz too! I am smarter than i look i guess! haha! (I am older than I look too. Most people guess me 10 yrs younger- I love them!)
I was in the county spelling bee several times growing up ( placed 2nd!)
Was almost a natl merit scholar- unfortunately i didnt realize how important the PSAT was and wasnt very serious about it (oops)
My DH and I used to do math problems FOR FUN! and we like those "figure it out" kinda problems. ( what are those called? ) We fight over the daily crossword puzzle in the paper. And like watching Jeopardy.
We used to link two computers together and play Age Of Empires. (that was before children! I miss that!)

Anyway, enough of my nerdiness. :)

Now to finish this tag:
I cant tag seven people, i only know a couple!

So, enjoy my useless facts about me!

FREE Mom's night out at Whole Foods! (monthly! )

Who doesnt need a free mom's night out?
And if I am alone i am usually at a store anyway! LOL

Tonight and the last Thursday of every month is Mom's night out at Whole Foods.
I found this in the local Cincinnati Family Magazine ( free at the front of lots of stores).

I am not sure when all the stores do it, but our local store does it at this time.
You can call your local store or check online.

Here's a blurb about what goes on:
Thursday, October 30th
Mom's Night Out! - A Halloween Party for Grown ups!
6:00-8:00 p.m. Free
Join us the last Thursday of every month for Mom's Night Out. Mom's Night Out is an opportunity for local mothers to get together without the kids to socialize, relax, and be pampered. We know it's hard being a mom - you deserve a break! We'll have delicious bites and fabulous drinks, goodie bags and giveaways!

If I am feeling better I think I will go. I have a terrible cold and I am pretty sure i have an ear infection :( It is killing me to not be running around getting my deals this week like normal!

Have you heard of House Party??!!

If you have never heard of House Party - you've got to join!
If it asks for a referral I am amybwest

Anyway.... I have always loved attending parties - PartyLite, TupperWare, Discovery Toys, etc, etc... and I was a PartyLite consultant for 7 yrs.

Well, when I learned about House Party ( and i dont even know how i heard about it!) I thought it was awesome!

What it is - it is a website that offers things that you debut in your home to your friends ( free marketing for the company, free stuff for you). You are sent a party package and you plan the party around this item, idea, etc. In return you and your friends get free samples, coupons, etc...

Well, I applied to do an Arm & Hammer Essentials Be Green Save More party.
I got my package delivered last week - it was HUGE. I was shocked!

Included are enough supplies for 16 guests!

FREE Party Package includes:

16 Reusable canvas tote bags
16 Microfiber cleaning cloths
16 New ARM & HAMMER® Essentials™ Cleaners ( a full size bottle!)
16 A&H Refrigerator deodorizers
Coupons for a variety of ARM & HAMMER® products and an extra to pass on to a friend not at the party ( so 32)

And there was 1 coupon for a free laundry detergent and a free cat litter! I am guessing those are for me since there is just one. Or those are probably for prizes. haha!

Anyway, there are so many different kinds of parties that go on. I missed out on the Philadelphia Cream Cheese one - that would have been perfect for making the party food!

I havent set a date for my party yet ( you can use the date they suggest or pick your own) since we have had so much going on! October is crazy busy for us.
Let me know if you want to come! I'd love a house full of fun ladies for this!

I could use some help on ideas for "green" games and food. I am guessing I shouldnt use paper plates. (oops!)

So go sign up at house party, find a party you want to host, APPLY ( and when it asks how many people you talk to, round up ;) ) and wait to be picked! I hope you get to host a house party! Dont forget to invite me!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

CVS week of Oct 26- Nov 1

Here are the best deals I see at CVS this week!

Also, the monthly deals will be ending on Friday. If you havent reached your limit- go get them! If they are out ASK FOR RAINCHECKS!

Weekly deals-

Free after ECBs

Buy 4 Soy Joy bars at $1 each get $4 ecbs back limit 1
there were coupons for b2g1 ang b1g1 in recent inserts
there's a printable here: (for some reason it isnt letting me print it)

Novamax Blood Glucose monitoring system $9.99 w/ $9.99 back limit 1

Free after ECBS and/or coupons

Bic comfort 3 advanced 3 pk = $5.79 ( some stores have it $4.99) get $4 ecbs limit 4
There were $2/1 coupons in the Oct 12 paper and a sept paper
I got 3 last night! what a bargain!

There is also a special 8 pk of Advil PM liquigels on sale for 99c!
These are while supplies last. no rainchecks.
My store had them at the register.
You can use the $2 off coupon from a recent insert or print one here:
FREE advil pm!
My cashier let me use 2 coupons on 4 pkgs since the coupon was over the amt!
It will depend on your cashier cuz the coupon really says "1 per purchase"
Some stores let you have the overage of coupons to apply towards other things and some stores adjust the coupon down to the amount of the item. In this case, 99c.

There is a buy $20 worth of various adult and kid cold supplies get $10 back, here's the best deal for that one that I see:
go to Kroger in mason, take 7 B1G1 coupons off of a tear off pad on the halls display

Go to CVS and get 14 bags of halls at $1.50 each
pay 10.50 get back $10

You'll be well stocked! haha!
OR add the 50c coupons from this past sunday's paper and I had some 35c ones from a few papers a long time ago and pay even less!
FYI you can use two coupons when you do a b1g1. 1 coupon per item. :)
You can also do coupons on a store's advertised b1g1.

there are other deals but those are the best i see for the week!

Monthly deals:

Thanks to

Buy 1 WellPatch Arthritis Relief Pads (3-ct) at $5.99, Get $5.99 ECBs (Limit 5) Use $1/1 coupon from 7/13 SmartSource insert Free plus overage after coupon and ECBs
( I have heard that the stores are substituting others since they are sold out. )

Buy 1 CVS Vitamin D-400 (100-ct) at $2.99, Get $2.99 ECBs (Limit 1) Free after ECBs

Buy 2 Gatorade or Propel (20-24 oz), Get $1 ECB (Limit 5)

Buy 1 Colgate MaxFresh with Mouthwash Beads Toothpaste at $3.29 (my store has them for $2.99) , Get $2 ECBs (Limit 3)Use $1/1 coupon from 9/28 SmartSource insert free after ECBs
The register has also been spitting out coupons for this on the bottom the receipt. (called a CRT)
Toothbrushes are included too foro $2.99 I just got a CRT for $2 off the toothbrush too. I love free toothbrushes!

Buy 1 Ayr Saline Nasal Sinus Spray at $3.99, Get $3 ECBs (Limit 5)$0.99 after ECBs!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday...Monday... the new Kroger sales start today ( and a few other things)

Happy Monday!

Kroger's new ads start on Monday here.

After browsing the ad here are a few things i thought were a good deal.

  • Bananas are 38c/lb! WOW!! That's the best price i have seen in a long time!
  • 10lb bag of potatoes is $2.48 ! Defnitely a meal stretcher! I could eat them for EVERY meal and so could DS2, but DH isnt as crazy about them as I am so I have to get creative or sneaky.
  • 3 lb bag of apples (variety) = $1.88 lb My aim for fresh fruit is less than $1 /lb so this is a great deal!

  • Kroger buns are 10/$10 ( $1 each, you dont have to buy 10)

  • Ground beef ( not ground chuck) is $1.69/lb
  • one trick i do is buy 1 lb ground beef and one pound of ground turkey or chicken and mix them together. It is often cheaper than ground chuck/sirloin and healthier too! ( i do it with ground chuck/sirloin too sometimes.)

There are some Buy 1 Get 1 deals:

  • Kahn's hot dogs, smokies, brats
  • Hillshire Farm smoked sausage
  • Tyson Frozedn bags of Chicken Wings, Breasts or tenderloins
  • Eckrich Bologna pkgs ( not sure of the size)
  • Purdue fresh chicken ( although last time i bought this i was disappointed, it was gristly)
  • Nature Made Vitamins

  • Campbell's soups are still $1 each! combine this with several recent coupons for a GREAT deal!

  • Hot pockets , Lean pockets and Croissant pockets are 3/$5 ($1.66 each) there were recent coupons for 50c/1, doubled to $1 makes it 66c! I like these, although i know they arent the healthiest thing in the world! But for me that's a cheap, fast lunch or snack!
  • Healthy Choice and Marie Callender's frozen meals are 5/$10 ($2 each) That's the cheapest I've seen in awhile. The ad was unclear on what all is included. My Kroger had blinkie machines with coupons for the Healthy Choice.

  • 7up, RC and Sunkist 2 liters are Buy 5 Get 1 free - coming out to 79c each ( 94c separately) I think I will stock up for Thanksgiving!

  • Maxwell House coffee is $5.99 for the Lg container - my Kroger had $1 off 2 coupons in the blinkie machine in front of the shelf
  • Aquafresh is $1 each for select varieties. You can print 2 differnt kinds of coupons here click on savings and special offers at the top (probably click your back button to print 2) I am not sure if these match the ones on sale or not, i will double check when I go to the store.

Tuesday ONLY special deals:

  • Kroger white buns 2/$1
  • Fritos or Cheetos $1.27
  • Big K 2 liters 39c
  • Tombstone pizzas $#1.99 ( i think there was a recent coupon but I'll hafta look)

and a few other things but ALSO there will be from 4pm to Midnight

  • store wide sampling
  • free cider and donuts
  • kids costume contest
  • trick or treat in store

I think we will go!

Happy Shopping everyone!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's Sunday- Do you know where the deals are?

If you don't get the Sunday paper - go out and buy one! Or three or four(like me) ...or... more!

Kroger has them on sale this month for 99c.

That may sound crazy to some, but when there is a GREAT coupon in the paper, i want more than one! I am a stock up kind of saver, so I get the deals when the deals are to be gotten.

I was devastated yesterday when we ran out of butter and i had to pay full price. (gasp!) I thought i had enough Land OLakes butter from the last time it was on sale at Kroger for $1 and I had several 50c off ( doubled to $1 so free butter! ) coupons! But no... :(

Anyway.... I just flipped through the paper quickly this morning since I didnt go to church. ( well for an hour as i sat on the back massager cuz i was in so much pain i could barely walk) We had a rough night...

Anyway, here's what i found. When you're out getting your papers, swing by CVS too.

They have some sales for today and Monday only!

ALL free after extra CareBucks (ECBS, which means you pay for it and then get that amount BACK to use next time you shop there)

Pumpkin pail $0.99 FREE after ECBS limit 2

Brach's Pumpkins, autumn mix, Indian or candy corn 10 oz. $1.29 FREE after ECBs limit 2

Funlight 6" smart light $0.99 FREE after ECBs limit 2

These ALWAYS go REALLY fast. I have found if you wait til Monday evening they are usually sold out.

There are more free after ECB's items this week too! woohoo!!

powerade 32oz $1.69 limit 1

Butler ToothBrush 2 pack $3.99 limit 5 these are for adults or kids ( cute crayon looking ones! )

Just for Men Touch of Gray $7.99 limit 1

there are free after rebate forms here: making this a BIG money maker

and these are free after ECBs AND coupons

$2 ecbs wyb Colgate toothpaste or toothbrush ($2.99 ) limit 2

$1.50 off Colgate Totla printable
$1.00 off Colgate Sensitve printable
$1.50/1 Colgate Advanced toothpaste from (exp 11/30/08) Oct. All You Mag
$1/1 Colgate Max fresh from all you mag
$1/1 Colgate Manual Toothbrush from All you mag
1.00 off q in the CVS RIB coupon booklet. ( i have yet to find these)
$1.50 Colgate Total coupon from ALL you October that expires 1-31-09
$1.00 off from CVS receipt

and a good deal on baby stuff

Spend $25 get 10.00 ecbs: (limit 1)
q-tips $2.49 (recent insert had a coupon)
Huggies jumbo pack $9.99 ( recent paper had $1 off and I got $1.50 off in the mail. sign up at their website to get coupons in the mail!)
Similac Advanced formula 23.2 oz $23.99 ($1 off in the 10-12 paper)
Huggies (42-80ct) or Playskool cottony cloths (80 ct) wipes $2.79 (50c huggies off expired yesterday- my CVS takes esps up to 1 week. Sign up at to get playskool coupons, there are some printables right now)
Johnson's baby powder, lotion, oil, wash, shampoo 6.5-15 oz, balm 0.5oz, bedtime washcloths 4ct, or Desitin original 2 oz $2.99 ($2 off 2 and $3 off 3 from a recent insert, though the 3/3 would be better at Kroger, will explain later, peelables on baby wash bottles for $1 off desitin)
Gerber baby food, cereal, or juice 25% off (sign up at their site to get coupons in the mail)

thanks to for the lists and the coupon matches


Pert Plus 13.5 oz is on sale for 3.49 use the $2 coupon from the WAlgreens easy saver booklet ( at the front of the store) and the $1 off coupon from today's newspaper inserts and get it for FREE!!! plus 1c overage!

I dont see any limit in the ad on this, but the walgreens coupon usually says limit 3. (you only neeed one walgreens coupon and it takes the $ off all 3 items)
So for the price of three newspapers = $2.97 you can get 3 shampoos too!

I will warn you though that these have been scarce at my stores lately cuz the sale has been going on all month. There are $2 coupons from a previous paper too so people have been getting it free plus overage.

If your store is out GET A RAINCHECK! I have saved lots of money at several places by getting rain checks. You dont have to miss a sale!

Gilette razors - Fusion and Embrace are 8.99 with $4 back in Register rewards (like CVS's extracare bucks).
There was a $4 coupon off the fusion in the October P&G newspaper insert. After RR's - 99c for a fusion razor is a good deal.

Alka seltzer plus cold 20 ct is on sale for $4.99 with $4.99 back in RRs! maling it FREE after rr's! I believe there are coupons for these...but i have to look.

They have quilted norhtern on sale for $4 for nine rolls, there was a recent $1 off coupon out there are *i think* there is a $1 off in the ewasy saver booklet. $2 toilet paper!

Target has the large size Folger's coffee on sale for $5. There were 25c coupons in the Oct P&G insert....i know, not much but every little bit helps!

They also have printable coupons on their website scroll to the bottom where it says super target coupons
You can print these in the store at their kiosks too!save ink and paper!
But there is a $1 off lipton tea. I used NINE of these the other day and got several pkgs of tea.
There are 99c 4 pks at the registers of green tea on the go.
there are 16 count packs of tea bags in the regular aisle for $1.09
I combined these with 60c off manufacturer coupons from a paper a long time ago and got $1.60 off the larger packs of on the go ( $2.48) and larger packs of tea bags.
yay for free tea!

Well, this was longer than i thought it'd be! haha!

I will come back later and give you some more tips on saving and coupon resources as well as other store deals with each store in its own post.

Happy Sunday!


Friday, October 17, 2008

Here I am!

Welcome to my blog!
I can't believe I am doing this!!!!
My passion for savings and deal finding has driven me to "blogging" on the www! I cant believe it!

So if you are like me and want to "never pay full price!" then join me in the blogging adventure!

I want to give thanks to Jamie at for inspiring me to do this! even though she didnt know it! haha!

You will find that I will share my deals that I find from scouring the web and the stores. I will give credit where credit is due! I find most of my deals through Jamie's site, and and sometimes

My favorite coupon sites are ,, and individual companies who occasionally offer coupons.
I also like and where you can load coupons to your kroger card and then they automatically come off at the register! For now, you can double these with manufacturer coupons.

My favorite stores for saving are CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, Target and sometimes Meijer.

I like free samples in the mail especially when it comes with coupons!

And I like to save money on big purchases too like the TV we had to buy in June. (found a 10% best buy coupon!)

Well, for tonight, that is all....but I promise to start the money saving for all of us ASAP!

I look forward to hearing from anyone who wants to join me and NEVER PAY FULL PRICE!