Thursday, October 30, 2008

FREE Mom's night out at Whole Foods! (monthly! )

Who doesnt need a free mom's night out?
And if I am alone i am usually at a store anyway! LOL

Tonight and the last Thursday of every month is Mom's night out at Whole Foods.
I found this in the local Cincinnati Family Magazine ( free at the front of lots of stores).

I am not sure when all the stores do it, but our local store does it at this time.
You can call your local store or check online.

Here's a blurb about what goes on:
Thursday, October 30th
Mom's Night Out! - A Halloween Party for Grown ups!
6:00-8:00 p.m. Free
Join us the last Thursday of every month for Mom's Night Out. Mom's Night Out is an opportunity for local mothers to get together without the kids to socialize, relax, and be pampered. We know it's hard being a mom - you deserve a break! We'll have delicious bites and fabulous drinks, goodie bags and giveaways!

If I am feeling better I think I will go. I have a terrible cold and I am pretty sure i have an ear infection :( It is killing me to not be running around getting my deals this week like normal!

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