Thursday, October 30, 2008

Have you heard of House Party??!!

If you have never heard of House Party - you've got to join!
If it asks for a referral I am amybwest

Anyway.... I have always loved attending parties - PartyLite, TupperWare, Discovery Toys, etc, etc... and I was a PartyLite consultant for 7 yrs.

Well, when I learned about House Party ( and i dont even know how i heard about it!) I thought it was awesome!

What it is - it is a website that offers things that you debut in your home to your friends ( free marketing for the company, free stuff for you). You are sent a party package and you plan the party around this item, idea, etc. In return you and your friends get free samples, coupons, etc...

Well, I applied to do an Arm & Hammer Essentials Be Green Save More party.
I got my package delivered last week - it was HUGE. I was shocked!

Included are enough supplies for 16 guests!

FREE Party Package includes:

16 Reusable canvas tote bags
16 Microfiber cleaning cloths
16 New ARM & HAMMER® Essentials™ Cleaners ( a full size bottle!)
16 A&H Refrigerator deodorizers
Coupons for a variety of ARM & HAMMER® products and an extra to pass on to a friend not at the party ( so 32)

And there was 1 coupon for a free laundry detergent and a free cat litter! I am guessing those are for me since there is just one. Or those are probably for prizes. haha!

Anyway, there are so many different kinds of parties that go on. I missed out on the Philadelphia Cream Cheese one - that would have been perfect for making the party food!

I havent set a date for my party yet ( you can use the date they suggest or pick your own) since we have had so much going on! October is crazy busy for us.
Let me know if you want to come! I'd love a house full of fun ladies for this!

I could use some help on ideas for "green" games and food. I am guessing I shouldnt use paper plates. (oops!)

So go sign up at house party, find a party you want to host, APPLY ( and when it asks how many people you talk to, round up ;) ) and wait to be picked! I hope you get to host a house party! Dont forget to invite me!

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