Tuesday, October 28, 2008

CVS week of Oct 26- Nov 1

Here are the best deals I see at CVS this week!

Also, the monthly deals will be ending on Friday. If you havent reached your limit- go get them! If they are out ASK FOR RAINCHECKS!

Weekly deals-

Free after ECBs

Buy 4 Soy Joy bars at $1 each get $4 ecbs back limit 1
there were coupons for b2g1 ang b1g1 in recent inserts
there's a printable here: http://www.soyjoy.com/specialoffers.aspx (for some reason it isnt letting me print it)

Novamax Blood Glucose monitoring system $9.99 w/ $9.99 back limit 1

Free after ECBS and/or coupons

Bic comfort 3 advanced 3 pk = $5.79 ( some stores have it $4.99) get $4 ecbs limit 4
There were $2/1 coupons in the Oct 12 paper and a sept paper
I got 3 last night! what a bargain!

There is also a special 8 pk of Advil PM liquigels on sale for 99c!
These are while supplies last. no rainchecks.
My store had them at the register.
You can use the $2 off coupon from a recent insert or print one here: http://www.advilpm.com/
FREE advil pm!
My cashier let me use 2 coupons on 4 pkgs since the coupon was over the amt!
It will depend on your cashier cuz the coupon really says "1 per purchase"
Some stores let you have the overage of coupons to apply towards other things and some stores adjust the coupon down to the amount of the item. In this case, 99c.

There is a buy $20 worth of various adult and kid cold supplies get $10 back, here's the best deal for that one that I see:
go to Kroger in mason, take 7 B1G1 coupons off of a tear off pad on the halls display

Go to CVS and get 14 bags of halls at $1.50 each
pay 10.50 get back $10

You'll be well stocked! haha!
OR add the 50c coupons from this past sunday's paper and I had some 35c ones from a few papers a long time ago and pay even less!
FYI you can use two coupons when you do a b1g1. 1 coupon per item. :)
You can also do coupons on a store's advertised b1g1.

there are other deals but those are the best i see for the week!

Monthly deals:

Thanks to www.moneysavingmom.com

Buy 1 WellPatch Arthritis Relief Pads (3-ct) at $5.99, Get $5.99 ECBs (Limit 5) Use $1/1 coupon from 7/13 SmartSource insert Free plus overage after coupon and ECBs
( I have heard that the stores are substituting others since they are sold out. )

Buy 1 CVS Vitamin D-400 (100-ct) at $2.99, Get $2.99 ECBs (Limit 1) Free after ECBs

Buy 2 Gatorade or Propel (20-24 oz), Get $1 ECB (Limit 5)

Buy 1 Colgate MaxFresh with Mouthwash Beads Toothpaste at $3.29 (my store has them for $2.99) , Get $2 ECBs (Limit 3)Use $1/1 coupon from 9/28 SmartSource insert free after ECBs
The register has also been spitting out coupons for this on the bottom the receipt. (called a CRT)
Toothbrushes are included too foro $2.99 I just got a CRT for $2 off the toothbrush too. I love free toothbrushes!

Buy 1 Ayr Saline Nasal Sinus Spray at $3.99, Get $3 ECBs (Limit 5)$0.99 after ECBs!


  1. Hi Amy!! Great blog!! I went to the CVS today in WestChester and they have the scanny thingy that gives you coupons!! I was so excited. They also had tons of Halls and SoyJoy for the deals, I was shocked!! Anyway, I tagged you!! You can go here to see what I mean!!


  2. WOW! I didnt know west chester had the scanner. Is it the one on CinDay near 129? That isnt too far from me.

    I was there recently for only the 2nd time and had the same cashier - she gave me a hard time about a coupon and I was so mad! I am usually pretty easy going but i returned the item she charged me wrong for and then called CS! ack!