Friday, February 27, 2009

Target deals I got this week

Here is my super shopping trip to target this week. I was VERY proud of my deals. :)

First I filled a Rx for my DH and I had a coupon for a $10 gift card when you transfer a Rx.

-Flat Earth chips 2.69 - $1 manu printable at and - $1 printable target found at the target site = 69c!!!

-Plus another bag that was a larger size "limited time package" and was marked down to $1.66 - both coupons = FREE!

-3 pouches of Starkist tuna on sale for $1 each - $1 coupon each from the mailer( go join!) = FREE

- 2 trial size kids colgate 50c each - (2) 75c off any kids colgate = FREE

- 2 trial size huggies wipes 99c - $1 off any huggies bath/body item each = FREE

-3 packages of goldfish crackers $1.79 each - target printable $1 each(see above) = 79c each
- 1 box Pepperidge farms pretzel crisps $3.29 - manu coupon i found at kroger Buy 3 goldfish and 1 Pepp. farm crackers save $1.50 - $1 target coupon = 79c

- 2 Crest smiley Grip toothpaste/toothbrush combos ( found in trial size aisle) 99c each - 1 manu coupon from the P&G ad buy 1 get 1 kids crest = 99c

-3 pkgs Kotex pantiliners 16 ct (found in trial aisle) 99c each - 2 manu for $1 off any kotex pads and - (1) 75c off any kotex liners = 22c total

Then they had a deal buy 5 Special K items get a $5 gift card back. (cereal wasnt included, which is what i really wanted, but oh well!)
1 bought 5 boxes of 90 calorie bars at $2.79 each = $13.95 - 1 coupon (printable somewhere - if you want it i will find the link just tell me) $3 off 3 Special K items at Target and - $1/2 from a recent newspaper insert. = $9.95

My target price for any granola/snack bars is $1/box but never over $2/box so it comes out okay. especially after the gift card!

Plus I bougth 3 pinwheels LOL at $1 each. Special treat for the kids :)

All of this should have been $4.67 after my $10 rx gift card but i didnt realize til i got home that three $1 coupons were missed! GRRR!! so i paid $7.67 - still not bad.

I called the store and they said to bring in my receipt and they'd pull the coupons from the drawer and match them up. uhm, i dont think so!!

I also found some multivitamins, vitamin c and omega 3 gummies i wanted for the kids on clearance at $2.50 ish per bottle. What a deal! They were the no artificial sweeteners/no dye/no preservatives/all natural blah blah... I was so excited!
I paid for them in a separate transaction so I used the $5 card from the Special K deal! yay!
6 bottles of vitamins for about $10. woo hoo!

hope you all have had some great savings this week!

I have yet to finish the CVS and WalGreens monthyl (sick kids) but hope to do that tonight and tomorrow if i can find them in stock!

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