Monday, April 13, 2009

Great deals at WalGreens this week!

I went tonight and got in on some great deals!

They have a new special Edge and Skintimate shave gel that is on sale for $2.99 and giving back $3 in RR's!

Chapsticks for $1.99 that give $2 RR

and buy 6 Dove travel size ($1.19 each in my store) or regular size bars (1.59 one store $1.39 another) of soap get $6 back in RRs!

scunci ponytail holders $1.99 = $2 RR's!

colgate toothbrushes $3.29 get back $3.50!
$1 off coupon ( hit the back button to print twice)

even if you have NO coupons you will be a few cents ahead on some of these!!

there are a few other items that you might want to get in on!

Check out or for complete details. :D

I bought 6 soaps 1.59 ea I had a coupon for $1 off 6 bars
1 chapstick 1.99
1 edge 2.99
1 scunci 1.99
2 1/2 gals milk $1.20 each
2 coffeemate creamers $2.49 ( raincheck)
colgate maxfresh toothbrush $3.29 ( i got the last one!) - $1 coupon
and some Quilted northern that was on clearance LOL

I fulled a Rx and got a $25 gift check back ( from a mailer) and spent less than $3 on my rebate giftcard!

got back 6, 2,3,2,and $3.50 in RRs!!
now to figure out how to use them without letting them expire!

good luck!
happy saving!
lmk if you need any help or ideas!


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  1. Hi Amy,
    I just found my original email for your blog. Sorry I haven't checked it out before. I will be back.
    Amy F