Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I think I am back!

There sure has been a lot going on this year.

2011 is definitely not a boring year! Although I'd like it to be a little calmer...
There have been losses, gains, stitches, questions, answers, blessings but never a dull moment!

I have been trying to come up with a way to chronicle a lot of this - especially since my memory is SHOT and I figured this would be the best place to do it.
I had considered the notes section on Facebook, but I don't think it is organized enough.
So anyway.... i only have a few minutes ( as always) but wanted to post and remind myself to post regularly.

I will have some posts on the new gluten free journey we are taking for Jeremy as well as some posts about food choices I am making for myself. ( I AM going to lose weight, I AM going to eat healthier and I AM going to cure myself with God's help of many of my problems! stay-tuned, this is going to be a bumpy ride!)

And I will share couponing and savings of course!

Today's news is that I called Kraft about vanilla Jell-o refrigerated pudding cups. Jeremy was acting out at school this week and that was a new food for him, so I thought I'd double check. I asked about the "modified food starch" on the label. The lady on the phone told me that Kraft will ALWAYS list "contains wheat" if it does, as well as any other common allergen. For example, the pudding pkg says "contains: milk" (duh). She said there are absolutely no wheat or gluten ingredients in vanilla jell-o pudding but they cannot list that it is gluten-free because kraft doesnt have a "license" to do so. Huh? so anyway, I guess the pudding is okay.

This was my first phone call to a manufacturer for this reason and I wasn't very prepared. I should have asked WHAT the "modified food starch" was if it wasn't a gluten-based product. soy? corn? And I should've asked about the "artificial flavor" which can be a sneaky place for wheat and gluten to hide. I am not crazy about the fact that this contains aritifical flavors and colors to begin with, but in my defense, I felt a little sorry for Jeremy and decided to let him have it. He likes packing it in his lunch and lunch-packing is sometimes a challenge for me.

I need to stop doing that. I am sure I am fat because I felt sorry for myself and gave myself chocolate/chips/ice cream/McDonald's/Taco Bell/donuts/brownies....etc...etc... or someone when I was a child felt sorry for me and handed me another Little Debbie or bowl of ice cream or Barq's red creme soda or....

Oh and I wanted to share that there were several gluten free recipes featured on The View today in honor of Celiac awareness month and Elisabeth the co-host who has Celiac. so check them out (you can google it)!

Well, have a good afternoon everyone!
'Til next time!

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