Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday...Monday... the new Kroger sales start today ( and a few other things)

Happy Monday!

Kroger's new ads start on Monday here.

After browsing the ad here are a few things i thought were a good deal.

  • Bananas are 38c/lb! WOW!! That's the best price i have seen in a long time!
  • 10lb bag of potatoes is $2.48 ! Defnitely a meal stretcher! I could eat them for EVERY meal and so could DS2, but DH isnt as crazy about them as I am so I have to get creative or sneaky.
  • 3 lb bag of apples (variety) = $1.88 lb My aim for fresh fruit is less than $1 /lb so this is a great deal!

  • Kroger buns are 10/$10 ( $1 each, you dont have to buy 10)

  • Ground beef ( not ground chuck) is $1.69/lb
  • one trick i do is buy 1 lb ground beef and one pound of ground turkey or chicken and mix them together. It is often cheaper than ground chuck/sirloin and healthier too! ( i do it with ground chuck/sirloin too sometimes.)

There are some Buy 1 Get 1 deals:

  • Kahn's hot dogs, smokies, brats
  • Hillshire Farm smoked sausage
  • Tyson Frozedn bags of Chicken Wings, Breasts or tenderloins
  • Eckrich Bologna pkgs ( not sure of the size)
  • Purdue fresh chicken ( although last time i bought this i was disappointed, it was gristly)
  • Nature Made Vitamins

  • Campbell's soups are still $1 each! combine this with several recent coupons for a GREAT deal!

  • Hot pockets , Lean pockets and Croissant pockets are 3/$5 ($1.66 each) there were recent coupons for 50c/1, doubled to $1 makes it 66c! I like these, although i know they arent the healthiest thing in the world! But for me that's a cheap, fast lunch or snack!
  • Healthy Choice and Marie Callender's frozen meals are 5/$10 ($2 each) That's the cheapest I've seen in awhile. The ad was unclear on what all is included. My Kroger had blinkie machines with coupons for the Healthy Choice.

  • 7up, RC and Sunkist 2 liters are Buy 5 Get 1 free - coming out to 79c each ( 94c separately) I think I will stock up for Thanksgiving!

  • Maxwell House coffee is $5.99 for the Lg container - my Kroger had $1 off 2 coupons in the blinkie machine in front of the shelf
  • Aquafresh is $1 each for select varieties. You can print 2 differnt kinds of coupons here click on savings and special offers at the top (probably click your back button to print 2) I am not sure if these match the ones on sale or not, i will double check when I go to the store.

Tuesday ONLY special deals:

  • Kroger white buns 2/$1
  • Fritos or Cheetos $1.27
  • Big K 2 liters 39c
  • Tombstone pizzas $#1.99 ( i think there was a recent coupon but I'll hafta look)

and a few other things but ALSO there will be from 4pm to Midnight

  • store wide sampling
  • free cider and donuts
  • kids costume contest
  • trick or treat in store

I think we will go!

Happy Shopping everyone!


  1. Hey! Did you all end up going to the Tuesday sale at Kroger? We went. It was less than thrilling! The sales were good, but the Halloween stuff wasn't. We only saw like 3 employess dressed up, there were only 2 bowls of candy (for the whole store-not that the little one could eat it anyway!) and the costume contest consisted of someone finding the camera and snapping a quick picture. I was disappointed. At least I got a great deal on the pizza's!

  2. I was disappointed too!
    There was a table of coloring pictures and crayons and the gal manning that station said that no one knew about it so they are doing it on Friday.
    But yes i got the deals. I LOVE chili cheese fritos LOL

    Jeremy enjoyed coloring and he dressed up- luckily it is an easy costume!